Wake up India : Wake up

Plan: ADTSICF (A Dream To See India Corruption Free)


• In India There should be No Political Party ( No Congress , No BJP , NO AAM & xyz )

• Each Candidate will Fight in Election Individually on Their own & different election symbols.

Big Issue: How to Choose CM & PM Candidates?

In 545 Candidates Choose 5 Most educated & 5 Most Experienced people. Remaining 535 will vote them for Choose a PM. & same way they can make cabinet ministers.
(As You are better than me You can plan that thing better than me).

Benefits of ADTSICF :-

• PM Can Take decision freely
As Recently Lalu Yadav was in Jail for scam. but now congress & RJD are working together just because of their own benefits .just suppose if congress became in power again with RJD or any other party help . will they take any action against RJD & Their Own MP Candidate .
Answer is no because they know they will loss their power & chair. That Fear will be Finished Through ADTSICF. ALL Candidate will Be equal.
Same story with BJP & All . Then there is compromise is only option.

• No Chamchagiri :
Power is in hand of top leaders & their candidate must have to support them . Candidates Believe in chamchagiri . if Rahul Gandhi says that let us change the country name India to Rahul Gandhi, m sure that he will also get support from his MP’s in this.

• Own Thinking of Candidates:

If Congress is implementing any policy wether it is good or wether it is bad BJP will never support that. If That Policy is 98% beneficial till BJP or other apposition leader will make it big issue for 2% only.

• Vote’s For Work , Not For Name :
Now Modi Ji fighting in election from varansi . he (Particular Modi ji ) have never done any work for varansi but that seat is secure seat for BJP & they knows any candidate even he has a criminal record will fight on BJP Ticket from there he will won.

Under ADTSICF Candidate must have to work in those areas. They must have to do work for that locality.

• Religion Free India :

All Party make Religious as a big issue in their elections campaign for own benifits. their speeches moving around hindu ko itana aarkshan denge , muslim ko itana aarkshn denge aur ye ye karenege …BJP is party for hindu’s ...BSP is for Lower Cast…Thses are doing politics own name of religion & that thing can never grow whole india. That will be finished too.
• Goodness In Politics :
Good Politician will be a chance to make their voice loud. & they don’t need to do any permission from their parties. Congress VS BJP polls will be finished & each should have to do with similar power & fund for their works.

Loopholes :
May be There are few loopholes in ADTSICF but it is not more than dangerous these parties.

 Yes I know that you will say these things are can’t be happen in practical then just live me alone with my dream 